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Did you know...? The earliest forms of poetry predates written language and was used to help remember information. Poetry is more than an art form and expression of self. It anchors the human mind, bridging together creativity and thought. If you have a collection of poetry you desire to transform into a book, grab this free guide on how to plan, start, and prepare a book of Poetry for publishing.
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Poetry Facts...


Great Resource & Tool

Because poetry activates both sides of the brain, it has many uses. It's used to teach literacy and expand the students vocabulary and use of words. It expresses emotion beyond basic feelings.



Publishing your book is fast and easy and adds additional protects your work.

Most poets have journals filled with countless entries of poetry. And you may have shared your poetry on social media or in public. Publishing your work adds a layer of protection per the Copyright Act 1976, and it allows your followers to have an official copy of your work.



Community Builder

The world of poetry is built on community. There is a magnetic connection that draws those creative wordsmiths together. Use you book as a the key to open those poetic portals.  


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