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Ready to Self Publish?

If you have ever thought about writing and self publishing your book, but don't know what it takes to push the final button, then you are in the right space. We can help you with an easy process to prepare you for publishing.

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What We Do...

A one and done service is provided to meet your self-publishing needs.

Where ever you are in your writing process, we are able to help you reach your publishing goal.

Soft Read

(1) Before getting started, a portion of your book is read to determine readability, context, time frame of the work ahead, design ideas, questions, etc.

Content Editing

(2) The manuscript is fully read ensure the message is clear, flows, and comprehensible. Comments are suggestive only; the purpose is not to change the speech or context of your work. 


(3) Formatting structures the content on the pages of your book from cover to cover. The flow and design will enhance your readers experience. 

Copy Edit 

(4) Copy editing continues to improve grammar, punctuation, sentence/paragraph structure, etc. The purpose of editing it not to change your voice or context of the book.


(5) This is the final review in the editing process before the book is published. The final draft is meticulously reviewed for additional corrections/oversights.

Cover Design

(6) Cover consultation and design are available at no additional cost. A professional cover design is created for for both the physical and electronic book. 

Publication Submission

(7) The final manuscript is packaged and prepared to be uploaded to retail channel such as for Amazon or Barnes and Noble Press.

It all starts with a conversation.

Regardless of where you are in your writing journey, your next step to reaching your goal starts with a conversation to discover exactly where you are and what you need. 

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